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ZOLL AED Plus AHA 2010 Guidelines Upgrade Kit

ZOLL AED Plus AHA 2010 Guidelines Upgrade Kit

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Part Number: 7771-000011-01

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Important note:  The upgrade software in this kit can be used to upgrade multiple units, but this kit includes only one (1) set of  Overlay Stickers. The stickers are NOT sold separately, and are needed for each upgraded device to accurately portray the correct steps pictured on the graphical interface. Windows PC is required (not compatible with Mac OS).
Others are selling this identical Upgrade Kit for $200 or more! The AED Superstore® is committed to making this AED upgrade as affordable as possible!

The AED Superstore is now shipping the ZOLL AED Plus Upgrade Kit, which allows you to make the ZOLL AED Plus fully compliant with the AHA 2010 Guidelines!

This Upgrade Kit REQUIRES you use an infrared (IrDA) port (which allows your computer to communicate with the ZOLL AED Plus) to perform the upgrade. If you don't already own an IrDA adapter (many laptops have them built in), you can purchase one from the AED Superstore!

Upgrading your ZOLL AED Plus is EASY! Instructions are included with the Upgrade Kit, and can also be viewed here.

The ZOLL AED Plus Upgrade Kit includes the following items:

  • ZOLL Administrative Software (ZAS) CD (Revision G)
  • Upgrade Instructions
  • One Set of Icon Stickers (to modify the icons on the face of the AED Plus)
  • Upgrade Form (to be submitted to ZOLL after upgrading the AED Plus)
The Upgrade Kit will allow you to upgrade ONE ZOLL AED Plus device. If you need to upgrade more than one AED, just order as many kits as you need!
ZOLL has also released new documentation, which can be downloaded by clicking on the following links:
The ZOLL ZAS software is compatible with the following Windows Operating Systems:
XP, 2000, Vista, Windows 7.

Alternate Part Number(s): 7771-0002-01, 7771-0004-01, 7777-0801-01, 7771-000013-01, 7771-000011-01-IRDA, 7771-0004-01-IRDA, 7771-000011-01, 7771-0000110-01, 7777-000700-01

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ZOLL AED Plus AHA 2010 Guidelines Upgrade Kit