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Laerdal AT Kelly Torso

Laerdal AT Kelly Torso

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The AT Kelly Torso has been specially designed for training on central venous access and chest decompression. The AT Kelly Torso also includes the additional feature of airway management training.

  • Airway management by manual maneuvers and mechanical devices
  • Oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal airway insertion
  • Manually generated carotid pulse
  • Stomach ascultation to verify proper positioning
  • Abdominal Thrust Maneuver may be performed
  • Closed chest compressions
  • Tension pneumothorax decompression (mid-clavicular and mid-axillary)
  • Subclavian cannulation (right side)

  • Adult torso
  • Bladder replacement kit
  • Manikin lubricant
  • Tank top
  • Carry Case
Weight: 33 lbs
We Have Over 10 Years of Experience in the Healthcare Field.

Laerdal AT Kelly Torso