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Life/form® Deluxe Adult CRiSis Manikin Torso w/Advanced Airway Management

Life/form® Deluxe Adult CRiSis Manikin Torso w/Advanced Airway Management

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Life/form® Deluxe Adult CRiSis Manikin Torso w/Advanced Airway Management

The Life/form® Deluxe CRiSis™ Manikin Torso features the same quality, durability, and reliability as the Deluxe CRiSis™ Torso Manikin (LF03958U, pictured), but is a much more easily transported. Although similar to the full-body manikins, this ACLS torso is much smaller and easier to move from facility to facility. This training system features an Airway Management Trainer Head, manual carotid pulse, Defibrillation Chest Skin, and an Interactive ECG Simulator. All of these features are attached to a CPARLENE® Torso. Also included are Laryngospasms (manual) and Tongue Edema (manual). This manikin comes with pump spray lubricant and a durable, foam-lined carton. Five-year warranty.

Here are the major features of the Adult CRiSis Manikin Torso:

Airway Management
  • Compatible airway management devices include E.T., E.O.A., E.T.L., L.M.A., E.G.T.A. Combitube®, and King Systems
  • Cricoid cartilage allows for practice of Sellick maneuver
  • Oral, nasal, and digital intubation capabilities
  • Palpable carotid pulse (manual)
  • Realistic anatomy of the mouth, tongue, oral pharynx, larynx, epiglottis, vocal cords, trachea, and esophagus
  • Separate left and right lungs for auscultation
  • Suctioning capabilities
  • Fully articulated head, neck, and jaw
  • Jaw thrust
  • Palpable and visual landmarks
Defibrillation Chest
  • Compatible with all standard brands and types of defibrillators, monitors, and patient simulators
  • Internal load box absorbs full strength of every shock - designed to handle up to maximum recommended 360 Joules
  • Manual, semiautomatic, and automatic defibrillation
  • Monitor the manikin like a real patient at four ECG sites and two defibrillation sites
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