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Laerdal Manikin Face Shields (Six Pack)

Laerdal Manikin Face Shields (Six Pack)

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These disposable plastic face shields are meant for use in CPR training environments. The shields cover the manikin’s face to prevent direct contact with the manikin as students are practicing giving CPR in class. Use these shields in addition to disinfecting the manikin for an inexpensive extra layer of protection for students sharing a manikin.

  • Low-resistance filter that fits over manikin’s mouth. 
  • Trains students in the use of the Laerdal Face Shield for real-life emergencies.
  • Convenient roll format is portable and easy to dispense neatly.
  • Not made with natural rubber latex. 

Package includes a total of 216 face shields: 6 rolls of 36 manikin shields each.

Alternate Part Number(s): 151201

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