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Laerdal Bleeding Trauma Modules

Laerdal Bleeding Trauma Modules

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The Laerdal Bleeding Trauma Modules are designed to assist in the training of controlling bleeding due to trauma where tourniquet application, compression dressing, and deep gauze pack placement techniques will be simulated.

Bleeding Trauma Modules include:
Traumatic amputation arm and thigh modules designed for tourniquet application and training of proximal artery compression
Bleeding Trauma Arm and Thigh module designed for application of compressive dressing, training of proximal artery compression, and deep gauze pack placement
Bleeding Trauma Thigh Module features palpable chipped and broken bone
Set includes appendages, reservoirs with tubing (4), simulated blood (1 bottle) and carry case.

For use as standalone or with these Laerdal manikins:
Extri Kelly
ALS Simulator (Discontinued)
Crash Kelly
MegaCode Kelly™

We Have Over 10 Years of Experience in the Healthcare Field.

Laerdal Bleeding Trauma Modules