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Laerdal Advanced Trauma Module

Laerdal Advanced Trauma Module

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The Trauma Module Set may be added to adult manikins for realism in trauma life support and lifesaving first aid scenarios. Advanced Trauma Module by Laerdal Medical includes:
     Trauma Head Assembly w/Lungs
     Lung Bag Assembly
     Forearm w/Lacerated Dorsum
     Forearm w/Burnt Hand
     Belly Plate w/Exposed Viscera
     Forearm Pad-Open Fracture
     Crushed Foot
     Deltoid Pads w/Large & Small Caliber Gunshot
     Ventrogluteal Pad w/Small Caliber Gunshot
     Gluteal Pad w/Large Caliber Gunshot
     Impaled Thigh Pad
     Open Fracture Thigh Pad
     Calf, w/Contused Foot & Ankle
     Fractured Calf
     Abdominal Skin w/Exposed Viscera
We Have Over 10 Years of Experience in the Healthcare Field.

Laerdal Advanced Trauma Module