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Cardiac Science Full-Size AED Trainer

Cardiac Science Full-Size AED Trainer

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Part Number: 180-5020-301

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The Cardiac Science Powerheart/FirstSave Training Unit is a Dual Mode AED Trainer with wireless infrared remote control for teaching both Semi-Automatic or Fully-Automatic defibrillation.
It's user configurable to the following languages: English, French, Portuguese, Brazilian, Spanish, Italian, and Greek. Uses two each of "D" & "AAA" size batteries, not included. Software is consistent with AHA G2010 Guidelines.


  • Cardiac Science Full-Size AED Trainer
  • Training Electrode Pads
  • Text Display
  • Remote Control
  • User's Manual
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Alternate Part Number(s): 180-5020-001, 180-5020-101, 180-5020-002, 180-5020-102, 180-5020-003, 180-5020-103, 180-5020-004, 180-5020-104, 180-5020-005, 180-5020-105, 180-5020-006, 180-5020-106, 180-5020-007, 180-5020-107, 180-5020-301

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Cardiac Science Full-Size AED Trainer