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Act+Fast™ Medical Anti-Choking Red (ARC/ERC) Trainer - Instructor 4-Pack

Act+Fast™ Medical Anti-Choking Red (ARC/ERC) Trainer - Instructor 4-Pack

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Act+Fast™ Anti-Choking Trainer, Red (ARC/ERC), 4-Pack. This device enables students to develope confidence in their ability to perform the Abdominal Thrust (Heimlich) Maneuver. Also includes a pad for teaching the back slap procedure as recommended by the American Red Cross/European Resuscitation Council (ARC/ERC). It has been designed to be realistic and easy to use. Students have fun while learning to save lives! One year warranty.
• Adjustable Shoulder Straps - One Size Fits All
• Realistic
• Easy To Use
• Lead Free
• Not made with natural rubber latex
• Lightweight
• Washable (Simply remove the PVC bladder and airway assembly, and hand-wash the neoprene vest using a mild detergent. Hang to air dry.)
• Students practice the abdominal thrust maneuver safely.
• When maneuver is done correctly, foam plug pops out, providing instant feedback.
• Training can be done standing, sitting, or lying down for additional realism.
• Self-Rescue can be taught using a chair, table, or countertop.
• The transparent airway allows students to see the obstruction and watch its release.
• Navel marker for correct hand placement
• Adjustable straps and easy to use buckles fit all students, makes switching users simple.
Each Trainer Includes 4 Each:
• Patented Act Fast Vest w/Adjustable Shoulder Straps
• Internal Air Bladder
• Clear Plastic Airway
• 10 Reusable Foam Plugs
• Back Slap Pad with plastic plate and foam pad inside
• User Manual
• Nylon Drawstring Carry Bag

Alternate Part Number(s): AF-501-R

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